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Walk Through Nature With Chris Kratt

A garter snake
A garter snake in Canada Ryan Hodnett (CC BY-SA 2.0)

On this episode of “Explorer’s Club,” we’re talking about animals.

Dr. Grayson Doss is a zoo vet. So, he knows all about the kinds of pets that aren’t cats and dogs. Think rats, chinchillas, lizards and turtles. Dr. Doss and Ryan McVeigh, a card-carrying reptile lover and head of the Madison Area Herpetological Society, tell us all about animals that scuttle, slither and crawl.

Then, Chris Kratt tells us about the wildest wild animals he’s ever seen. We learn about foxes, pandas, summer bugs and more. Chris is half the dynamic duo behind PBS program “Wild Kratts.” Chris and his brother Martin use creature powers to discover the secret lives of animals all over the world.

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Want to help protect animals in North America? Check out the Kratt Brothers Creature Hero Foundation.

(Guests originally appeared as part of “The Morning Show” on May 29, 2020.)

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