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State Asks Hunters To Help Eliminate Feral Hogs

Hogs Can Spread Disease, Destroy Plants And Other Wildlife

Don McCollough (CC-BY-NC-SA)

The state Department of Natural Resources is asking hunters in northern Wisconsin to keep an eye out for feral hogs and shoot them if they have the chance.

There have been two reports of feral hog sightings in Washburn County. Such hogs are basically domestic pigs that have escaped from farms and quickly grow thick hair and tusks.

The DNR wants the hogs to be eliminated before they can begin breeding. Noah Balgooyen, who works for the agency’s Wildlife Damage Program, said that once feral hogs become established, they can spread disease and cause extensive damage to crops, native landscapes and other wildlife.

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“We’re mostly looking out for these little hotspots that might develop and extinguishing them before they start to reproduce,” said Balgooyen.

The DNR would like hunters to call them if they shoot a wild hog in order to collect blood and hair samples.

Crawford County was the first to deal with feral hogs but after successful hunting there haven’t been any new reports.