Record Number Of Kirtland’s Warbler Nests Found In Wisconsin

15 Nests Have Been Found In The State So Far

Kirtland's warbler
USFWSmidwest (CC BY)

Conservationists in Wisconsin say they’ve spotted a record number of nests from the endangered Kirtland’s warbler this year, a decade after the songbird was first spotted in the state.

The Wisconsin State Journal reports that 15 nests have been found so far in Wisconsin. However, thousands of Kirtland’s warblers are in neighboring Michigan, where habitat restoration has been underway for 40 years.

The birds are particular about where they nest. That contributes to the uncertainty about their stay in Wisconsin.

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The birds were first discovered in Wisconsin in the central part of the state. But the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service are now focusing on counties where the birds have been spotted in the northern part of the state.