Platteville fish dealer convicted of selling invasive carp

It's Wisconsin's first case involving illegal sale of bighead, grass, silver carp

Asian Carp Threaten Great Lakes
Asian carp like this silver carp are an invasive species that threaten the $7 billion fishing industry and $16 billion recreation boating industry on the Great Lakes. 
Photo courtesy of the National Wildlife Federation

A wholesale fish dealer from Platteville has been convicted of illegally selling invasive carp in Wisconsin.

Ping Li is the co-owner and sole operator of Li Fish Farm. He was convicted of two misdemeanor crimes and 17 forfeiture violations under a plea deal.

Li was ordered to pay more than $13,000 in penalties, according to the Department of Natural Resources.

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It was the state’s first case involving illegal sale of bighead, grass and silver carp.

It’s illegal to possess Asian carp in Wisconsin unless the fish have been gutted or the gills are severed.