Lawmakers Propose Letting Deer Hunters Wear Pink Clothing

Research Suggests Orange May Be More Difficult To See When Leaves Turn In Fall

Kevin Chang (CC-BY-NC-ND)

A group of lawmakers are backing a bill that would put pink on the list of visible colors hunters can wear.

Under current law, hunters can only wear orange, but lawmakers like South Range Rep. Nick Milroy say bright pink may improve hunter safety.

“I think that real hunters will be wearing pink if this passes in Wisconsin,” he said.

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Milroy said they’re also looking for creative ways to attract more hunters to help control the deer herd.

University of Wisconsin-Madison textiles expert Majid Sarmadi said he’s measured light reflections and has looked at how color contrasts with a surrounding area to gauge its visibility. Sarmadi said it may be more difficult to see blaze orange when the leaves turn in the fall.

“Blaze pink has a better chance of being detected during the fall season,” he said.

Sarmadi’s findings also suggest that deer have a more difficult time spotting pink than orange.