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‘The Larry Meiller Show’ picks favorite programs of 2023

Patrick McBride stands courtside with the Milwaukee Bucks team
Patrick McBride, right, spent his teen years working for the Milwaukee Bucks and Brewers managing equipment for the teams between 1969 and 1976. Photo courtesy of Patrick McBride

WPR’s “The Larry Meiller Show” seeks out knowledgeable guests who give listeners information and advice on a range of topics impacting your life and community. As the New Year approaches, we asked each member of the show’s team to pick a favorite program among the hundreds they hosted and produced throughout 2023.

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To batboy and beyond: ‘The Luckiest Boy in the World’ is the story of one Wauwatosa boy’s journey into professional sports

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Host: Larry Meiller

Air date: April 4

Summary: From the dugout to medical school, Patrick McBride has certainly led an interesting life. He joined the show to discuss his book, “The Luckiest Boy in the World,” which documents the time he spent with pro teams like the Packers, Brewers and Bucks.

Why I liked it: I really enjoyed this program and really loved talking with author Patrick McBride about his incredible story of working for three Wisconsin pro teams: the Green Bay Packers, Milwaukee Brewers and Milwaukee Bucks. His memoir will leave you with admiration for an incredible person and a life well-lived.

READ MORE: ‘What kid gets to do that?’: As a boy, Wisconsin author worked with Brewers, Bucks and Packers legends

Retail stores in downtown Middleton, Wis. on Oct. 26, 2021.
Retail stores in downtown Middleton, Wis. on Oct. 26, 2021. Bill Martens/WPR

A Guide to Midwestern Conversation

Executive Producer: Jill Nadeau

Air date: May 25

Summary: This was a fun, humorous guide to phrases that are very Midwestern, like “You betcha,” “Well, there ya go,” and “I’m getting eaten alive out there!”

Why I liked it: It was a delightful interview. Taylor Kay Phillips and I clicked, and that came through to the listeners. Who doesn’t like poking fun at themselves? Especially us in the Midwest.

Small but mighty: Spiders could be capable of memory and have a sense of numerosity

Producer: Clara Neupert

Air date: Aug. 30

Summary: A University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee professor shared his insights on spiders. They’re pretty smart and might be able to remember things and count — which is both eerie and awesome at the same time.

Why I liked it: Our guest, Rafael “Rafa” Rodríguez, is really passionate about spiders. It’s hard not to catch his excitement, and we had great listener engagement.

‘Am I Too Old to Save the Planet?’ is a roadmap to becoming a climate activist later in life

Digital content producer: Liz Dohms-Harter

Air date: Dec. 13

Summary: Author Lawrence MacDonald wrote a book about how members of the baby-boom generation can get involved in the fight against climate change.

Why I liked it: Most content I see or hear that’s related to generations pits one generation against another. As a Millennial, this segment was a wonderful reminder that the baby-boom generation isn’t calloused, dismissive or checked out. Just as I have my own passions, so do many members of this generation. It was a segment that called me into a position of respecting those who’ve lived longer than me and experienced more, instead of seeing them as oppositional. I was grateful for that perspective.

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