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DNR To Propose Harvest Quota Of 200 Wolves

Policy Board Meets Monday To Discus Immediate Wolf Hunt

Gray wolf walking in the snow
Gray wolf walking in the snow. MacNeil Lyons, National Park Service (CC BY)

The state Department of Natural Resources says it will propose a harvest quota of 200 wolves when the group’s policy board meets Monday to discuss launching a wolf hunt immediately.

The Journal Sentinel reports the agency considered several factors in coming up with the number. Those include the most recent population estimate, the public response to earlier harvests, the current management plan and other research.

Wisconsin law mandates the DNR run a wolf season from November through the end of February. However, Republican lawmakers demanded the impromptu start because they are worried that President Joe Biden will restore protections for the animals.

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Federal wildlife officials in January removed wolves in the lower 48 states from the federal endangered species list.