Big Game Hunters To Begin Registering Kills With State Electronically

Previously, Hunters Had To Haul Carcasses In To Physical DNR Stations

S.B. Tuska (CC-BY-NC-ND)

Starting this week, deer and bear hunters in Wisconsin will need to register their kills electronically instead of hauling carcasses to a physical registration location.

The electronic registration can be done with the state Department of Natural Resources either online or by phone.

The procedure has been the norm for turkey hunters, but it’s a first for big game.

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DNR big game ecologist Kevin Wallenfang said the change will be helpful to early-season hunters racing to process their game in the late summer heat.

“This new way, they can register that deer or their bear immediately after they recover it. They can take it home, they can process it that very night,” said Wallenfang.

Wallenfang said e-verification will save DNR staff time and money as the manual registration of tens of thousands of deer tags becomes a thing of the past.

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