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Answers to Wisconsin Trivia Quiz

  1. What were the original colors of the Green Bay Packers? Answer: Blue and gold. Green didn’t replace blue until 1950.
  2. Size-wise, where does Wisconsin rank among the 50 US states? Answer: 23rd
  3. At 165 feet, what is Wisconsin’s highest waterfall? Answer: Big Manitou Falls in Pattison State Park, near Superior.
  4. What is the highest point in Wisconsin? Answer: At 1,951.5 feet in height, Timms Hill in Price County is the highest point in the state.
  5. What city is closest to the geographic center of Wisconsin? Answer: The geographic center is 9 miles southeast of Marshfield, giving it the nickname of “Hub City.”
  6. In what locations were Wisconsin’s record high and low temperatures recorded? Answer: The Wisconsin Dells registered 114° F on July 13, 1936. On the other end of the spectrum, Couderay in Sawyer County was -55°F in 1996. Brrrrr!
  7. In 1946, what Wisconsin city got 11.72 inches of rain in a single day? Answer: Mellen, in Ashland County.
  8. What city is the oldest in Wisconsin? Answer: Green Bay, which was founded as a trading post in 1634.
  9. The nation’s first kindergarten opened in Wisconsin in 1856. Where was it? (Bonus question: what language were classes taught in?) Answer: Watertown, and German.
  10. Like any state, Wisconsin has state symbols. What is the official state …
  • Bird? Answer: American robin
  • Insect? Answer: Honeybee
  • Tree? Answer: Sugar maple
  • Flower? Answer: Wood violet
  • Rock? Answer: Red granite
  • Dance? Answer: Polka

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