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Wisconsin Officials Have Plan To Battle Bird Flu Outbreaks In Poultry Supply

Official: People Aren't At Risk As Long As Poultry, Eggs Are Cooked Properly

U.S. Department of Agriculture

The poultry industry in the Upper Midwest might be dealing with bird flu for several years, but officials in Wisconsin already have a plan in place.

More than 2 million Midwest turkeys and chickens have been killed since early March. Wisconsin reported three avian flu outbreaks last week.

Dr. John Clifford, the U.S. Agriculture Department’s chief veterinarian, predicts the H5N2 strain is very likely to die off once the weather gets warmer, but could come back this fall. Clifford said the industry and state governments need to use the lull period to get ready.

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Raechelle Cline, a spokeswoman for the Wisconsin Division of Animal Health, said Wisconsin is fighting the bird flu with a combination of euthanization and monitoring.

“The strategy has been to immediately depopulate any and all flocks that have been tested positive. There is increased testing and surveillance that’s also going on at the same time,” Cline said.

She said people aren’t at risk as long as poultry and eggs from Wisconsin are cooked properly.