Wet Spring Delays Soybean Planting


Some Wisconsin soybean farmers are still waiting for their fields to dry out so they can plant. The delay could cost them in reduced crop yields.

Soybean planting is currently about a month behind. Farmers are worried that their crops won’t have enough time to fully develop by the fall harvest. UW Extension agronomist Shawn Conley says if soybeans aren’t planted by mid-June, it might not be worth planting them at all. Conley says that would be a tough blow for some farmers, who are still recovering from last year. He says some may have to buy soybeans to feed their animals again.

“Because their stocks were depleted last year, with the drought, they haven’t been able to harvest. So there’s going to be some serious economic times hitting dairy farmers in Wisconsin.”

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Mark Peterson is a dairy farmer in rural Appleton. He says he isn’t expecting that big of a blow to his finances. Peterson says fortunately, his soybean crop turned out fine last year. He’s not too worried about this season, even with the delay.

“[Soybeans] can sense when fall is coming. They can sense when the days are, the length of daylight is getting is less. They stop flowering and start making grain. To a certain degree that helps out a little bit.”

Still, Peterson expects a smaller crop this year. He has considered soybean seeds that grow plants faster, but, he says, the results aren’t as good as those from regular seeds.

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