Some Wisconsin Hog Producers Selling Animals to Cut Costs


Some Wisconsin hog breeders are selling off some of their sows to contain costs.But, that has created a second problem for some.

Because of the drought, corn is in short supply and is expensive.Some hog producers are trying to cut costs by selling off underperforming sows. Platteville hog producer Bryant Gill sold off ten-percent of his sows that weren’t getting pregnant often enough or had too few piglets. “If a sow only raises five baby pigs she’s gotta go too, because she did not perform,” he says.

Gill’s story is similar to other producers in the state who find they have to sell sows to cut feed costs.UW Extension Agriculture Economist Bruce Jones says that has produced another problem.

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“We put more sows on the market increase the supply of pork,” he says.”It drives the prices down further compounding the problem.”

Jones says its a problem that won’t go away anytime soon. He says hopefully next year, producers won’t have a drought to contend with, and the price of corn will come back down.