Municipal leaders explain how extreme weather is affecting their communities, A moratorium on vape shops in Monona, A check in on Summerfest

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Two municipal leaders explain how their communities are coping from recent extreme weather. Then, we learn how a moratorium on vape shops in Monona is working. Then, we find out what its like for two Wisconsin musicians to play the annual Summerfest bash in Milwaukee.

Featured in this Episode

  • How communities are coping with fierce weather

    Tornadoes and floods have hit communities around Wisconsin this month. We check in with municipal leaders from Janesville and Prairie du Chien to learn how their communities are managing and what they need.  

  • Update on City of Monona moratorium

    The City of Monona in Dane County enacted a six-month moratorium on opening vape shops. One month into the process, we take an in-depth look at the city’s decision and research.

  • What it’s like to play on a Summerfest stage

    Artists from around the globe are performing for hundreds of thousands of fans at Milwaukee’s Summerfest this month. We talk to two Wisconsin musicians who performed at the festival last weekend about what it’s like to play on a Summerfest stage.

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