Wisconsin Survey On The UW System, Former Senators Encourage Political Dialogue, Call For E-Cigarette Regulation

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It can be hard to talk about politics today because of the heated rhetoric, the variety of complex issues and the amount of other content vying for our attention. Two former state senators want to change that, by mixing humor with honest discussion and providing quick takes on important topics. We also discuss the Wisconsin Survey results related to UW System autonomy and budget cuts, and hear the call for regulating e-cigarettes.

Featured in this Show

  • The Wisconsin Survey: Proposed UW System Budget Cuts

    In our latest look at The Wisconsin Survey, we’ll find out how respondents feel about the proposed 300 million dollar cut to the UW System.

  • Former State Senators Finding New Ways To Talk About Politics

    Two former state senators are teaming up for a program that combines important political topics with humor and honest dialogue in short, two-minute segments. Our guests tell us about their show, ‘The Insiders,’ and how they hope to start a new conversation about politics in Wisconsin.

  • With Youth Usage Way Up, Is It Time To Regulate E-Cigarettes?

    According the the National Youth Tobacco Surevey, e-cigarette use among youth is way up, and that’s got some public health experts calling for regulation. A professor of medicine and tobacco control makes the case for regulating e-cigs, and talks about what that would entail.

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  • Rob Ferrett Host
  • Veronica Rueckert Host
  • Karen Herzog Guest
  • Chuck Chvala Guest
  • Ted Kanavas Guest
  • Stanton Glantz Guest
  • Matt Oleson Producer
  • Chris Malina Producer

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