The Walker Administration’s Responses To Open Records Requests, Baraboo Crane Rehab, Gender And Comedy

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Women like Tina Fey, Sarah Silverman and Amy Schumer have made names for themselves in the world of comedy, but are they as good as their male counterparts? A scientist shares her research on how we look at gender and humor. We also get the story behind a Baraboo group’s effort to preserve whooping cranes around the world, and we talk to a state capitol reporter about how the Governor Scott Walker administration is responding to open records requests.

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  • The Walker Administration's Response To Open Records Requests

    A new piece in the Wisconsin State Journal looks at how Governor Scott Walker’s administration is responding to open records requests. It looks at two recent examples where the administration denied access because the records were “transitory.” We talk to the reporter behind this piece.

  • Wisconsin Life: Crane Rehab

    On today’s Wisconsin Life we’ll learn about a Baraboo group’s efforts to rehabilitate and preserve cranes around the world.

  • Why People Appreciate Funny Men More Than Funny Women

    In an age of high-profile women in comedy, psychological research suggests that women appreciate men’s humor…more than men appreciate women’s humor. A guest looks into the way gender shapes the way we think about what’s funny.

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