US Launches Iraq Airstrikes, Zesty Marinades and Cooling Drinks, Candidate Forum With John Lehman

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Central Time hosts a candidate forum with democratic Lt. Governor candidate John Lehman. Then we talk about what U.S. airstikes on militants mean for Iraq and America, and on Food Friday, a chef shares recipes for cooling summer drinks and zesty marinades.

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  • Meet The Summer Drink That 'Will Change The Way You Look At Parsley'

    Waiting for meat to marinade or for chicken to grill during a weekend cookout? Maybe kick back and pass the time with the Green Lantern, a unique summer cooler invented by farm-to-table chef Ian Knauer.

    It’s a very pretty summer drink to to look at, thanks to its fresh parsley sprigs and grated lime zest. It’s also delicious. For those who may sniff at the idea of a drink featuring parsley, check out the story of how Knauer created the Green Lantern, which he calls a “lantern of hope.”

    “This refreshing tonic will change the way you look at parsley,” he said.

    The Green Lantern

    Makes 6 drinks

    Prep time:10 minutes

    • 1 cup packed parsley sprigs
    • 1/2 teaspoon grated lime zest
    • 1 cup cold water
    • 1/2 cup fresh lime juice
    • 1/2 cup sugar
    • 1 (10-oz) bottle club soda

    Purée all ingredients except club soda in a blender 1 minute. Strain through a fine-mesh sieve into a large glass measure. Serve over ice and top off drinks with club soda.

  • For Next-Level Grilling, Try Experimenting With Marinades

    With the Green Bay Packers pre-season starting, it’s time to take grilling to the next level.

    One quick and easy way to impress tailgaters and houseguests alike is to add a few innovative twists to traditional barbecue marinades.

    Ian Knauer, host of the PBS series “The Farm” and author of a cookbook by the same name, considers marinades a really easy way to infuse flavor into a cut of meat that might have a little less fat, like a chicken breast, or might be a little bit tough, like sirloin steak.

    While sirloin steaks can be excellent on the grill, Knauer said he thinks they “need a bit of time to relax.” The ingredients that help them do that are things like acid and salt, both of which are common in marinades.

    “You’re basically pre-cooking your meat for a tougher cut when you’re marinating it,” he said.

    As for how long marination should last, Knauer said it depends on the size of the cut of meat being grilling. For example, a whole pork shoulder would take at least 24 hours. If someone is dealing with something smaller, like kebabs, Knauer recommends an hour or so.

    Two recipes that Knauer recommends — a mojo marinade and a miso glaze — combine ingredients from abroad that invoke a myriad of flavors.

    “Many of them come from different parts of the world,” said Knauer, “where the population may not have access to more expensive cuts of meat, so they have to come up with ways to tenderize these tougher cuts.”

    The mojo (pronounced moh-ho) marinade is “similar to a mojito in that it has lime juice in it,” said Knauer. The recipe also has orange juice, garlic, fresh oregano and jalapeños — all of which make for a really fresh, bright marinade.

    “The acid from the lime and orange juice will work on the meat to tenderize it as you marinade it before you put it on the grill,” Knauer said.

    While the mojo marinade is most commonly used with pork, it also works with chicken, steak and really, just about everything one can grill.

    The miso glaze uses an interesting ingredient that has become increasingly common. In fact, many supermarkets now carry miso.

    “It’s basically fermented soy paste,” said Knauer.

    Because it’s fermented, it’s alive — a culture, similar to yoghurt. It also has a fair amount of salt, which acts as a tenderizer and also as a flavor booster. According to Knauer, it will not necessarily make your steak taste like miso, but will actually make it taste meatier.

    Be sure to check out these Ian Knauer-endorsed recipes for the Mojo Marinade and Miso Glaze.

  • Can US Airstrikes Really Help Iraq?

    President Obama last night authorized limited strikes on militant targets inside Iraq. Can the US really stem the tide of the Islamic State (ISIS)?

  • Food Friday: Cooling Summer Drinks And Zesty Marinades

    It’s Food Friday and we learn how to concoct creative marinades while staying cool with refreshing summer drinks.

  • Lt. Governor Candidate Forum: John Lehman

    Central Time hosts a candidate forum with state senator John Lehman, one of the two democratic candidates running for Lieutenant Governor. His primary opponent is Mary Jo Walters. Current Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch (R) does not face a primary challenger.

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