The National Conversation About Sexual Assault, Wisconsin Life, Forgotten Religions Of The Middle East

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In the Middle East, ancient religions survived in remote mountains and wilderness, in some cases concealed in secrecy. Our guest takes us inside some of these religions and explains how they survived for millennia alongside a Muslim majority. We also meet Wisconsin’s first bicyclist in the latest installment of “Wisconsin Life,” and we’ll discuss how recent high-profile accusations might change the national conversation about sexual assault.

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  • Celebrity Misconduct & The National Conversation About Sexual Assault

    Although at least one woman began accusing comedian Bill Cosby of rape decades ago, she says her accusations were never taken seriously. Now her allegations, along with others, have gained national attention. On the heels of abuse accusations against CBC’s Jian Ghomeshi and other high-profile figures, how will these evolving conversations change the way we view and handle sexual assault accusations?

  • The Disappearing Religions Of The Middle East

    The Yazidis are an ethnic and religious minority in Iraq, and they’re among the groups falling victim to persecution and genocide. Our guest introduces us to some of the last remaining ancient religions of the Middle East, which have coexisted alongside the Muslim majority for millennia.

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  • Rob Ferrett Host
  • Veronica Rueckert Host
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