'A Lot Of Immigration Policies Don’t Really Focus On The Reasons Why People Are Immigrating'
Taden Ellenbolt
Madison, WI

Taden Ellenbolt, a 17-year-old and student at Madison East High School, plans to vote in this fall’s elections because he thinks it’s important. But, he acknowledges that some government programs do more for him than others.

"I think that garbage men probably do a lot more for me in my day to day life than anyone in congress does just by getting the trash off my front lawn," he said.

The issue he cares most about this election season is foreign aid.

"It would not only help a lot of problems in the world, it would also solve a lot of systemic problems in the United States," he said, using immigration as an example.

"A lot of immigration policies don't really focus on the reasons why people are immigrating," he said, adding that they should.

"It's unfortunate to see examples of corruption where the needs of the people go unaddressed by politicians."

Ellenbolt said it’s frustrating that politicians can get elected without having their interests line up with the public’s.

"It's unfortunate to see examples of corruption where the needs of the people go unaddressed by politicians," he said.

In Madison, Taden said he thinks homelessness is a huge concern. He would like to see more shelters and programs that help people re-establish housing and employment.



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