West Bend, WI
'I'm A Lucky Person, But I Think Sometimes People Have Gotten Hurt'
Larry Gray

When Larry Gray of West Bend thinks about the decisions the government has made during his life, nothing stands out as a clear positive.

"I think there's always been downsides to a lot of decisions that were made," he said.

For Gray, 66, that includes the creation of Medicare in 1965, a decision he thinks endangered Social Security.

"I think the government made a mistake," he said. "They divided it in half and now they wonder why there isn't enough money."

Gray, who worked as a manufacturing engineer before he retired, said he believes government decisions have also driven economic downturns.

"I've always been employed," Gray said. "So I'm a lucky person. But I think sometimes people have gotten hurt because jobs went away because of bad decisions that were being made about banking or housing or whatever in the federal government, and then it had a downward impact on people that weren't lucky enough to keep their jobs because the economy went bad. And they say it's cyclic, but I think the government can help make it cyclic, too."

Gray has voted for Republicans including President Donald Trump and Gov. Scott Walker, but he considers himself an independent. He blames political parties for a lot of the problems facing government today.

"Any of the candidates running ... right now, I would really question are they willing to not go with the party when it's really not in our best interest?" he said. "And if they're not willing to do that, I don't think they're good candidates."

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