Madison, WI
'If I Did Vote, What Good What It Do? If I Didn't Vote, What Good Would That Do?'
Charles Satterfield

Madison resident Charles Satterfield, 64, isn't sure if he'll vote this year or not. He said he doesn't think politicians care about him.

"It doesn't seem like they help people like me." 

Satterfield has been homeless for about three months, and relies on income from Social Security to pay the bills.

The cost of his health care is a major issue, he said. Satterfield has had three heart attacks and has a heart monitor implanted in his chest.

He takes about 10 pills a day. Sometimes he runs out of medicine and can't afford to get more. So, he goes without until his next check comes. 

"Of course it has bad effects on my health, but what can I do?" he said. "Nothing I can do but deal with it and hope I don't die in the process." 

Satterfield says he'd like to see more government assistance for things like health care and housing costs, especially for people who are struggling financially. 

But for now, he's not hopeful. 

"If I did vote, what good what it do? If I didn't vote, what good would it do?" he said. "It wouldn't do any good for me, because I'm going to still be homeless, I'm going to still be without my prescription, and I'm still going to feed my family first."

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